Wholesale Grocery Distribution Centers in America

Wholesale Grocery Distribution Centers in AmericaThe easiest place to get grocery items is at the stores and supermarkets. These items did not just get into the stores; they went through a very long supply chain. There are a lot of agents in the supply chain; one of them is a wholesale grocery distribution center. It is practically impossible to have goods move from the manufacturer to the stores; some agents are responsible for helping these goods move from the manufacturers’ warehouse to the retailer before it gets to the stores and consumers.

Wholesale grocery distributors, perform different functions in the market, some of their duties include reducing large quantity of goods from producers, that will be more convenient for the retailers. They also perform warehousing and transportation functions to facilitate the easy movement of these goods. In America, half of the food industry is retail while the remaining half is for services, supplying half of the industry demands a wholesale grocery distribution center.

There are a lot of them in America, let’s get details about them:

SpartanNash Company

This is a value-adding distribution center supplying more than 2,100 retailers in the country. They also have over 155 corporate supermarkets spread across nine states. Spartan Nash is a very knowledgeable, proactive, and well-informed organization that is a significant competitor in the market. The success of this firm is driven by its partners and commitment to treating customers well. The strength of the organization is its ability to deliver to its retail customers, shareholders, and consumers. The company is guided by her core values, which includes, patriotism, teamwork, integrity, and accountability, etc. Their primary desire is to use the company’s expertise to encourage and provide solutions that exceed the expectations of customers and partners.

C & S Wholesale Grocers

One of the leading American wholesale grocery distribution centers. They are presently the tenth largest distribution center in America, based on their income. It is founded by Israel Cohen and Abraham Siegel, with about 17,000 employees, and over 50 distribution centers in 16 states. Their primary customers are Giant-Carlisle, Winn-Dixie, Safeway Inc, and other independent stores. C&S supplies above 130,000 food and nonfood items to 6,500 clients. Their products include fresh/frozen bakery items, candy, tobacco, and dairy products. One of their amazing features is that they have a storage space of 15 million square feet. 

Purity Wholesale Grocers, Inc

The American wholesale grocer was founded in 1982 and recognized as one of the industry’s largest distribution centers. Their presence has been noticed over the past three decades with diligence in supplying the grocery industry, specialty retail, and wholesale. One of their qualities is embedded in dealing with 700 customers, including the top grocery retailers in the country. They also operate on a customer priority approach and belief if you give your best to your business, you will always achieve success.

The existence of wholesale grocery distribution centers has relieved the retailers and also make goods available and accessible.