Wholesale Food Distribution Companies

Wholesale Food Distribution CompaniesEvery food manufacturer is always limited in reach; they usually don’t have enough time to market and find their goods in the hands of retailers and convenience stores.

A wholesale food distribution company does not differ from every other distribution center, aside from the fact that they deal with food items. Their duties are: selling food products to other businesses, providing foodservice businesses with the advantage of buying ingredients, products in large quantities, and offering storage facilities.

There are numerous food distribution companies across the globe; the most reputable ones are:


This company offers e-commerce solutions for food companies that are grade compliant, programmed to fulfill the desire of every food company. Their delivery rate for non-perishables is about 95% in two days with good standard, assurance, and an open system of operation, with a fantastic way of meeting customer demand via the digital economy.


US Foods is one of the largest food distributors with adequate respect and treatment of customers. They have thousands of employees across the country and readily available tools, customer support, resources, and tools. Everything done in this business is usually done with the need to make the business expand, increase, and achieve their organizational goals. Recipes, fresh products, and curated articles are part of the services rendered by this company to keep their customers healthy, educated, and updated.


An experienced distributor of food items, one of the largest wholesalers in the southwest, providing services to its consumers since 1996. Their inventory count is about 6,000 goods featuring old fashioned candy, novelty candy, and chocolates. They provide services to thousands of food stores, gift shops, and other retail outlets in the United States and other countries. The team includes account representatives that give every customer value for their money. Their shipment service delivers goods in 48hours. Their method of operation is flexible and convenient for their clients to book appointments.

Functions of Wholesale Distribution Companies

  • The distribution company helps transport goods from the producers to where they are needed. There is usually additional profit as a result of transportation because goods are usually transported in bulk.
  • Every distribution company sorts out goods according to their quality, shape, size, and price. This act of grading facilitates the supply of uniform products to retailers.
  • They also bear the risk entailed in the distribution of goods. The risk could be caused by a change in demand or damaged goods in-store, as well as, the risk of granting credit facilities.

Food distribution companies perform essential roles that facilitate ownership, financing, the successful flow of goods, and provision of information. Without their presence and active delivery in the supply chain, customers’ satisfaction is impossible.