Manufacturers are the producers of the products. As you certainly know, producers create goods and retailers sell them to the final consumers. But in this process there are some people who perform their duties as distributors. These distributors are supposed to bring the goods from the manufacturers to the retailers. Wholesaling involves buying the items of goods at large quantities called the bulk form. This business normally involves business-to-business trades. Dress wholesalers do not sell their merchandise to the consumers. They sell them first to the retailers present in the market. They buy in bulk from the manufacturers at lower prices because buying in bulk is important for making profit. They sell them to the retailers at smaller quantities after adding their mark up. Retailing is the business of buying products from the wholesalers and selling them to the consumers at high prices and in small quantities.

Wholesalers, distributors, and Retailers are an important part of clothing business. But a customer is not aware of the importance of the wholesalers. They only are interested in the cost of costumes. They want the dresses at lower prices. Customers only see the dresses displayed in the retail stores and are only interested in them. But for the retailers and manufacturers as well, wholesalers are of much importance. Wholesalers act as a bridge between them. They are the source of link between them. They are just the middle party between the manufacturer and the retailer. These are the wholesalers who actually know where the customers are present, what their demands are and where to supply the stock of dresses. Wholesaler provides facilities to the manufacturers, retailers and to the final users. Wholesaling is the procedure of stock distribution. They are helpful in increasing the sale and promotion of the products.

Wholesalers maintain demand supply stability. They have better Information about market. They keep themselves updated about the price, distribution, demand, etc. The business world has gained many benefits from the services of the wholesalers. Their budget would be reduced without them. Beside wholesalers, the retailers are also an important part of business. They are those who sell the products of manufacturers to the customers. They are the final source of selling.

The retailers do not purchase the stock of dresses from the manufacturers because they do not buy in bulk form. They buy the items according to the demands of the customers. This may be in low quantity. Therefore if he buys from the manufacturer then he might pay more amounts. So he would not be able to make much profit afterwards. Retailers prefer buying from wholesalers.

Wholesaling is an important part of the clothing business. But this business cannot be started with low capital investment. Purchasing at bulk requires large investment. A successful wholesaler always starts his business with sound investment and sound knowledge of the market. He knows the demands of the end users. He knows the recent trends. Based on such information he makes the supplies and fulfills the market demands.