Wholesale Distribution Companies

In every marketing channel, the wholesalers are pivotal and instrumental to ownership, finance, and smooth movement of goods from the manufacturers to the consumers. Aside, supplying goods to retailers and consumers, some multi-brand wholesalers provide services to different manufacturers or exclusive wholesalers that are tied to just one manufacturer. There is an enormous responsibility for these wholesalers, thereby creating the need for the establishments of standard companies, that have the capacity and ability to distribute goods effectively without any loss or complications.

A wholesale distribution company is a firm that buys and resell goods to retailers, merchants, and institutional users. They are also actively involved in the distribution of goods.

Characteristics of Wholesale Distribution Companies

  • The stock & sell different type of products
  • A distribution company, invest in the product of companies that need a large amount of capital
  • They usually employ a large number of agents or employees that assist them with distribution
  • Wholesale distribution companies also perform assembling and dispensing functions in a particular market.

The presence of wholesale distribution companies facilitates easy sales and help to promote the brand. Examples of distribution companies are:

Wholesale central

This is a reputable distribution company; they offer various tools to resellers that are looking for pre-screened retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. You don’t need to register to get access to their wholesale products. They have a premium base, for customers that give you access to the bonus.


It is a wholesale distribution company in the United Kingdom, with an extensive guide of verified wholesale distributors. Accessing their database is free and convenient. However, some benefits are only for selected members. Their services include the category of products from grocery to pharmaceutical.


A reliable and dependable wholesale distribution company that offers consistency and great value for money. The company was established in 2010, and have no limitations to the location of their sales (over 200 countries). Ali Express function basically through their website, that makes them available at every time of the day. Once your order is received, delivery is bound to follow.


This organization provides buyers with an easy and convenient way to get wholesale purchases for different products. The distribution company was established in 2007, with the affordable price of goods. Their products include beauty, hair, home, gardening, shoes, and bags. Long term customers usually receive discount offers on their purchases.   

China Brands

Another distinguished company that offers a variety of products ranging from clothes, beauty products, and accessories. They ensure the quality of every product received from the manufacturer by thoroughly checking through the products to identify any damaged or expired goods. Their delivery services cover over 200 countries and are currently working on establishing a standard network that will facilitate shipping within 24 hours.

The convenience, expertise, and ease you desire in running your business are in your partnership with wholesale distribution companies. They help you cut costs and ensure a good representation of your product in the market.