The Wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry Must-Haves

Indeed, sterling silver jewelry is all the rage these days! Not just they look dazzling but they are versatile. From formal to casual, and classic to contemporary, the vast variety of styles in wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry market has something for every taste. Silver jewelry looks amazing with all different styles and types of outfits. And they are available at much lower prices compared to gold jewelry.

Its sparkling white beauty and huge assortment of styles make wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry simply irresistible for buyers of all ages. It is no surprising to see why sterling silver jewelry retailers in the U.S. are witnessing huge increase in their sales in recent years. Now, before you set out to buying wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry, find out what’s trending this season.

The hottest trends to buy right now

Sterling silver pendants and necklaces

Whether you like those cute charms, classic gemstone pieces or quirky designs, you will find a great variety of sterling silver pendants available out there. Sterling silver necklaces are also available in numerous magnificent designs that can add more grace and charm to the beauty of the wearers. Artists from all around the world are launching new designs and styles consistently. Shop your collection of sterling silver pendants and necklaces and delight your retail customers.

Sterling silver rings

Today, a large number of fashionista women think wearing one ring isn’t enough to get the attention they deserve. And thus, the ‘stacked rings’ is a hottest jewelry trend this year. Buy sterling silver rings in wholesale and rock this trend like a boss. If you are a retail business, make sure you have the coolest and best designs of sterling silver rings in your shop to woo your shoppers.

Sterling silver earrings

Awesome-looking studs, eye-catching hoops, magnificent chandeliers and more! Wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry market offers a vast collection of stunning earrings that are brilliantly handcrafted by artists from all around the world. Shoulder-grazing teardrop earrings and CZ stud earrings are a popular choice. And don’t forget to add gold-plated sterling silver earrings for your customers.

There is a different set of silver earrings for different occasions. Those glamorous sterling silver hoop earrings embellished with precious gemstones or certified diamond make a perfect accessory with long evening gowns and party dresses. Ear cuffs and other clip-on options are a favorite of women looking for a whimsical jewelry.

Use right search phrases or terms to find exactly what have you are looking for over the web. For example, if you are looking for sterling silver pearl earrings that you can wear at workplace and at any other place, type in most relevant terms like ‘wholesale 925 sterling silver pearl earrings’ or ‘ sterling silver pearl earrings wholesale’.

Sterling silver bracelets and bangles

Fashion keeps repeating itself. Sterling silver bangle bracelets are back in the top fashion charts. Wear it single or stack it in layers, sterling silver bracelets and bangles help wearers create a powerful style statement. Cuff bracelets are one of this year’s biggest trends in the wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry market of the United States. Available in different designs and sizes, these cuff bracelets add dimension to any ensemble. Celebrities and runway models are spotted wearing sterling silver cuffs to add more interest to their outfit and stand out of the crowd.

Buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry online

While there are many real world outlets that sell 925 sterling silver jewelry in wholesale, purchasing it online will give you access to the largest selection of jewelry. You can visit hundreds of web stores and explore their collection from one place; meaning, shopping your wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry online will also save you a great deal of time and efforts.

During your online shopping, you will come across many wholesalers that specialize in sterling silver jewelry. Buying jewelry from wholesale stores will cost you a fraction of amount you would have paid purchasing them from a retail jewelry shop.

Now whether you shop online or offline, it is important for you to ensure that you are buying authenticate sterling silver jewelry. All certified sterling silver jewelry is marked with the number – ‘925’. It is the best quality of silver jewelry that you can purchase in wholesale as well as retail. 925 sterling silver jewelry contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metal, usually copper. So, you now know why it is specifically called 925 sterling silver jewelry.

If needed, the artist may replace copper with other metal or a group of metals in fact. However, the easy availability and lower prices of copper make it a first choice of jewelry designers while crafting 925 sterling silver jewelry. Adding copper or copper-like alloy helps craftsmanship add to the qualities and visual appeal of the silver jewelry.

Remember that sterling silver doesn’t come in higher or lower quality. The composition of metals is standard in all 925 sterling silver jewelry pieces. However, it is the design and quality of craftsmanship that can be crucial factors determining the cost of the jewelry pieces.

Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry is certainly a bit more expensive than those that aren’t handmade. However, when you shop it in bulk from a wholesaler, you are sure to find unbeatable prices. Proficient silver craftsmen across the world create intricate designs using precious and semi-precious gemstones or other embellishments for sterling silver rings, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry.

When handmade by the expert craftsmen, these jewelry pieces are sure to stay intact for many years to come. Captivating and elegant, sterling silver jewelry is never out of style. They are precious jewelry with timeless appeal. The contemporary designs are such that it’s hard for anyone and everyone to not to be crazy about stunning sterling silver jewelry.

If you are planning to order new stock of sterling silver jewelry, order it online. Most wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry stores available online offer competitive prices and free doorstep delivery.