Home Business Product Supply–Understanding how to Find Your Own Wholesale Sources

People in the business know just how valuable finding the right drop ship eBay products suppliers can be. What you want and need is to be able to discover your own reliable home business product sourcing so that you can have the profits you deserve, but this can only work with legitimate drop shippers and knowing how to identify true wholesale businesses. You owe it to yourself to be on the vanguard of product supply.

This article will hand you the know-how to begin finding your very own reliable set of product suppliers for just about any business. This article is not an advertisement for an online membership or some ebook purporting to be a definitive list of suppliers. And although some of these are fine products, in the end you won’t be self sufficient unless you know how to do it for yourself.

Tip #1: Analyze Your Selling Environment

What is a selling environment? The selling environment is where you will be putting your products up for sale. Each environment has its own kind of personality and characteristics. If you fail to understand this, you may never manage to make a profit. For example, eBay is a wholesale selling environment. Almost all of the products are already at or below wholesale price. An ecommerce site is a retail selling venue. If you try to sell an item at retail pricing on eBay, you will probably lose out to the competition underselling you. Your retail item will probably sell better on your ecommerce site, though of course, you do have to gauge your ecommerce competition.

Tip #2: Understanding Legitimate Wholesale from Fake Wholesale

A true wholesale business is licensed as a wholesaler and is legally obligated to require proof of your sales tax permit. In some states this referred to as a resale certificate. A sales tax permit is provided by your state is usually very easy to apply for and receive and is usually free. Don’t be intimidated by the notion of a business license or having to communicate with a state agency. Chances are, you can register for this online and have it in your hands in a few days. Any business that does not require a sales tax permit is not a true wholesale business.

That does not mean that any business not requiring a sales tax permit is not legitimate. No, not at all. There are many businesses that sell deeply discounted goods but do not require a sales tax permit. What you need to know is that no matter how much they may refer to wholesale prices, unless they require your sales tax permit, they are retail companies hoping that you will think they are wholesalers. If you read their website carefully, at no time will they ever directly say that they are wholesalers. Also, you should know that a true wholesaler requires a special business license from the state in which in resides to be a wholesaler. This allows it to buy from manufacturers and sell to retailers without charging sales tax. A true wholesale business can set whatever wholesale price it likes. Market forces generally require a substantially reduced price. I just wanted to clear that up. Wholesale prices are really just whatever prices are charged by a true wholesale company.

Tip #3: Handing Over the Goods

The fact of the matter is you can find your own wholesale distributors yourself without an online wholesale directory membership. We don’t want to put down online directories as they can be a stairway to product sourcing heaven. In fact, we like them and will leave you a hint in the resource box below. In the meantime, we’ll introduce you to a product sourcing banquet of wholesale and dropship products suppliers for eBay, ecommerce, flea markets and just about any reselling environment.

This is just a sampling, but I believe you will find more product suppliers than you will know what to do with: (1) The Google Directory. Google “wholesale trade” and that will open the doors to many wholesaler. (2) The DMOZ directory. Search “wholesale” + the name of the product you want to sell. (3) The Thomas Register. This is available at your library, but you can also search at thomasnet.com. (4) Thomas Publishing at thomasglobla.com. (5) Legitimate Wholesale at legitimatewholesale.com. Last, try Proproductsourcing.com. Not a directory but a product supply resource for much helpful information.

With the leads above, you will find contact information for well over 1000 legitimate wholesalers and manufacturers to help solve product sourcing for eBay and home business. You will find even more information by following the bread crumbs in our resource box.

Tips #4: Attend Trade Shows

Some of your best wholesale dropship leads will come from the contacts you develop by attending trade shows for those product lines of interest to you. How do you find trade shows? Locally, you will get this information from your Chamber of Commerce, local newspapers and possible even a local branch of the Small Business Administration. You can also do a search online by searching for, “trade show” or “trade shows” as your search terms. Also, be sure to add the name of your state of regional area to the search term. Here is resource to get you started: BAO Link at baolink.com.

Depending on your needs, you may also want to look into a membership with an online wholesale directory that has an active forum. Many people find such a resource an invaluable aspect of their research.

If you follow the tips above, there really is no reason why you should ever lack for product suppliers for you home business whether you choose to run an ecommerce site, do eBay, or sell goods at local flea markets and festivals. You can be on the leading edge of product supply if you take the time to do a bit of research.