Wholesaling is the business of retailing merchandises to retailers in larger quantities. The merchandise is purchased from the manufacturers. The retailers sell these merchandises to the consumers in small quantities. The person who is engaged in this business is called the wholesaler. The wholesaler can be a person or any firm. He is a middleman who makes a relationship between manufacturers and retailers. There are some wholesalers who deal non competing merchandise. Such wholesalers are called the distributors. The wholesaling business is divided into many sections. Among all these wholesaling of clothing is quite flourishing.

The manufacturer’s factory produces the clothing and is transferred to the stores for the general public to purchase them. The goods do not reach to the retailers directly. Wholesalers provide them. The retailers sell them to the general consumers. The wholesaler takes his profit from the retailers and the retailers take the profit out of them from the public. But if the consumers buy directly from the manufacturers then they have to pay a lot for them. The wholesalers as they buy in bulk get the discount on the clothing items. Buying in bulk is always beneficent. The price at which the retail stores sell to the public is decided after cutting all the expenses.

The expenses include store rent, bills, staff salaries etc. Every person from manufacturer to retailer earns profit. This business requires a proper planning. It requires an up to date knowledge of the market and skillful management. In clothing wholesale business there is a variety of options. Some deal in casual dress wholesaling, some fancy dress wholesaling. The clothing could be of gents or ladies. If talked about ladies fancy dress wholesaling it consists of party dresses, or any fancy costumes to be worn on different events and occasions.

In fancy clothing tutu skirts are very popular. This is a very short kind of dress worn by ballerinas. These were worn in ballet. But this skirt is now getting a lot of attention these days among girls. This is an equally recent creation, dating to the 19th century. This type of skirt can be worn by any girl of any age. A little baby girl too can wear it. These are used in parties and especially in birthday parties and weddings. Tutu skirts are probably more common in summer weddings. In birthday parties little ones look gorgeous in such skirts. These skirts are also used for dances.They find wearing it as a fun. Tutu skirts of different colors are always attractive for girls. There are different kinds of tutu skirts. They include romantic tutu: classical tutu (pancake), classical tutu (bell), Balanchine tutu, platter tutu and karinska tutu.

The quality of a good tutu skirt is that it must be durable and comfortable in making movements. It must define the style. Girls always dream to look beautiful and attractive in every event and occasion. They are always busy in filling their wardrobes with unique dresses. Tutu dress is always appealing for every girl.