Beware of Wholesale Scams

The Internet is bombarded with middlemen and rip-off artists masquerading as wholesale suppliers, or seeking to make money off of retail business owners who are searching for wholesalers. Unfortunately, these scam artists make it impossible to find real wholesale suppliers in the search engines.

You see, wholesalers don’t have to advertise to the public to find their ideal customers. They know where to find their ideal customers, and so do you for that matter. Their ideal customers are highly-visible, established retailers. Since REAL wholesale distributors are not advertising their services in public venues like search engines, who is advertising their business at the top of the wholesale search results? Mostly scammers, unfortuntely.

These cut-throat scammers make it incredibly difficult for you to find real wholesale suppliers as they all try to beat each other to the top rankings of the search engines for all kinds of wholesale search terms. Even worse, the prolific nature of these scammers make you doubt even the most legitimate of wholesale distributors. How do you know a real wholesaler when you find one? We’ll teach you how to find real wholesale distributors and avoid the wholesale scams.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a series of articles explaining the types of wholesale scams you’ll find on the Internet so that you can avoid them. A little later in this series of articles, we’ll discuss where to find real wholesalers. But first I want talk about one of the worst scams – the wholesale list scam.

The first scammer to watch out for is the pay-to-access wholesale directory. Wholesale Suppliers are by nature of their industry well hidden businesses, and this hidden market breeds a ton of sites on the Internet claiming to have the solution to your wholesale search dilemma. They’ll claim there are thousands of wholesalers and drop shippers in their directory – THE SECRET SOURCES THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS. Unfortunately, the truth is that most are just eager to scam you out of your hard earned money while they deliver you a directory of garbage with little on the list even resembling a wholesale distributor.

These wholesale list vendors have been around on the Internet for a decade, and most are selling the same garbage lists recycled over-and-over again. Most of them are outdated and filled with dead links. Others are just listing the top search results of garbage wholesale listings that appear in the first few pages of the search engines. And others are trying to pass off a bunch of middlemen who are kicking them a sales commission for sales that they refer. Even worse, most of the suppliers on their lists sell to the general public – a huge clue that they are just discount retailers, not true wholesalers.

If you do decide to buy a wholesale list or a wholesale directory membership, I highly recommend that you ask questions about how they built their wholesale directory and the types of suppliers that they list. Additionally, make sure that you have a legitimate money-back guarantee from the wholesale list vendor. Please read everything in their site pertaining to what you’re buying and what rights you have toward a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

There are some directories out there that will connect you with a few good suppliers, but they are few and far between. The few suppliers that you’ll find aren’t worth the steep prices or the effort that you’ll have to put in just to find a few wholesalers who will work with you. Besides, you shouldn’t have to pay the steep prices to find public information.