Why is it Always Cheaper From Wholesale Clothing Distributors Than a Retailer?


Most of us are clothes savvy and we all love going on those weekend shopping to satisfy our titillation’s. Now it is important one wears the right clothes for various occasions and even more important that you buy them from the right place, keeping in mind the way they fit you, the design and of course the pricing. I was initially under the impression that quality is something which sets apart the branded from the non branded clothing, but with increasing number of manufacturers and new designers sprouting each year, quality is definitely not just restricted to the branded manufacturers.


Now, all of us are money conscious and we sometimes go to the extent of choosing a lesser quality product or simpler clothing just because it is available for a far cheaper price than the niche garment which carries a heavy price tag. On an average a common man is unaware of the intricacies of the clothing business and hence, I believe spends more on a garment than what it might cost elsewhere like a wholesale store at the outskirts of the city which is miles away from where we stay.


So let us now understand why the wholesale distributors sell the same garment to you for a price which might be about 30 to 50% lesser than what you find in a retail store. A wholesale dealer gets his products directly from the manufacturer in bulk, hence availing large discounts which in turn reflect on the prices of the clothes we buy from there. On the contrary, a retailer does not buy merchandise in such huge numbers in most cases and also has issues like the membership or retail license which takes a huge chunk of money reflecting in the form of increased price.

Another major reason why the retail prices are hiked, sometimes to the extent of 80 or 90% is because they buy most of their products from the wholesaler. Also the fundamental formulae implied for selling an object wholesale and retail are different. A wholesale dealer earns his profits by selling more number of pieces while the retailer earns them by a sheer increase in the price of each piece, by making the availability of the goods more convenient to you, as in a next door shop. A retailer also has to deal with the cost of transportation and handling for his various outlets also which add to the price.


Apart from the wholesale and retail models, there are several other types of business models like the branded stores, department stores, discount stores each with their set of guidelines and rules of selling merchandise. Considering that your may get a huge discount, one may love to buy from the wholesale dealer, but for those of you who hate going all the way to one, look for those websites which have tie ups or sell the same clothes for similar prices. Why be hasty when you can plan and get the best deals.

Great and Amazing Profit From Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Are you indulging in retail jewelry business? If you are thinking where you can purchase cheap but quality jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry is where everything you need is available. Necklaces with set of bracelets, bangles, earrings, anklets, brooches, leis and other body fashion jewelries are here. If you have clients on your retail business looking for unique attractive necklaces, it is good for you to shop here. You can get fine and beautiful necklaces which you can sell when you buy the set of necklaces here. Bracelets and bangles are also items of jewelries which any client may seek in your retail shop, so you can shop for advance items to let them buy from you soon. Great design and creative earrings which can boost up your retail businesses on jewelries are as well here. You can use it to promote your business. Remember that there are many women who buy and use earrings. You know that piercing on women is just normal and most of them love to put earrings on it to make them more gorgeous. Besides, earrings are more affordable than the necklace so many will prefer to buy it.

Improving the productivity of your business requires someone who has the best-selling jewelries, affordable enough to encourage the clients to buy. Remember that, you can sell less expensive jewelries when you buy bulk of it in the least amount. Better have a great time to start making an investment on where you can save much money with less payment for several sets of jewelries found in wholesale fashion jewelry. Wholesale can give you a much lesser amount to be paid in comparison to the items where you buy in retail shop, and you sell it again for your own retail business, thus it happened. There are already additional fees and taxes. This instance can lessen your opportunity to have plenty of clients to buy in your local business jewelries because of too many expensive items. Not unlike if you go on buying jewelries from wholesale fashion jewelry, you save more money because the price is good for wholesale, giving you a retailer, a chance to sell it in your client at the least costly rate. That way, your client finds your jewelries interesting to buy. Seeing the advantage of buying wholesale jewelries and how it affects your client, you must learn how to get large collections of jewels in wholesale owner to be able to sell it among your regular clients. This way, you gain more clients and you can please them with those classic and modern jewels. You will soon find your business enjoyable and worth promoting. It is like selling wealth among others who love to add the wealth of beauty enhancements on their body and face.

Yes, it is good to shop at wholesale fashion jewelry for your business. It becomes your fastest way of gaining sufficient profit and hold to control the selling process on your regular clients. Simply, use your business capital to buy those large bulks of high grade and fancy jewelries for the client to have the variety of choices and later, you just have to buy and sell. This is more likely to become a buy and sell business transactions that can give you more profit. So what more are you waiting for? Start getting enough capital, buy for wholesale jewelries and sell it to your clients. Surely, you will get great income in just a short time. You will really be glad about the outcome. Now, start building the success of your fashion jewelry business.

Benefits of buying product from Wholesale Closeouts

When someone buys the product in wholesale, they will get large number of products at a reduced price compared to buying in a retail store. Closeouts are simply the final sale of items, with the idea of emptying the inventory. There are various reasons for this; the items may not be popular to the public. Everyone likes to buy the product at low cost as possible in this current economic climate. But the product should be a quality product. You can buy the best quality product in the wholesale at the reduced price.

You can buy products at wholesale for start your retail business. You will find many numbers of items at low price here. All items will be available in wholesale such as athletic and casual shoes, house wares, bedding, comforters, pillows, linens, jeans, luggage, furniture, office furniture, office supplies, electronics, fashion accessories, handbags, home d├ęcor, home improvement etc, gifts, tabletop, shoes, toys, tools, sporting goods, women clothing and apparel, pet supplies, cosmetics etc.

The different types of products you can buy in wholesale and resell it with a profit. The customers of wholesale are mostly will be the retail sellers. There are plenty of suppliers of wholesale closeouts merchandise who have contact with many retail sellers. These suppliers will try to find the item and provide them what the reseller needs. If the reseller finds the problem of transporting the item, the wholesale merchandise will arrange the free shipping too to retain the customers. In general, Wholesale closeout is a manufacturing or marketing event, it allows manufacturer to sell off the large number of products at low prices.

It can be said that all wholesale closeout doesn’t provide the quality product. The retailer must be very careful in choosing the wholesale manufacturers to buy the good quality product. Many manufacturers do this wholesale because of the kinds of goods they purchase or they stock.

The primary reason is to eliminate excess inventory and to make a new inventory and to minimize storage costs to meet manufacturer demands and to liquidate inventory. You can start increasing your profits by purchasing products in best wholesale merchandise and you can provide a discount to your customers to retain them. Usually the true wholesale merchandise will not be brokers. Brokers in fact, buy product from large merchandise and sell it to the retail sellers with a profit and act as an intermediate between the manufacturers and retailers.

Do You Gain From Buying Wholesale Clothes?

Inflation has caused price hikes in every commodity and there is nothing that inflation hasn’t taken its toll on. These price rises have made clothing expensive for many people. This is a bad news for a lot of shoppers, especially for all the shopaholics out there. Now, people are in search for cost saving options, so that they can get clothing that is fashionable and stylish. People feel that just because they can’t afford to buy clothes from retail outlets, they have to compromise on the quality and looks, and go for the inferior quality clothing. But, this isn’t the case and this article will explain about it briefly.

Smart shoppers have discovered alternatives to buying clothing. These alternatives are cheaper and they give you pretty much the same kind of clothing, you find at retail stores. One such option is to buy wholesale clothing. Wholesale clothing can found at wholesalers are much cheaper compared to the prices of clothing in retail stores. Shoppers prefer to buy from wholesalers, because these purchases allow them to save a few bucks here and there on every purchase they make. This has benefited people by allowing them to stick to their budget and even shop a little extra from the money they have saved by buying wholesale clothes.
When you shop at wholesale stores, you will find the same clothing you see at retail stores because retailers actually buy their stock from wholesalers. Manufacturers only prefer to trade with wholesalers.

Therefore, a retailer’s only source of stock is from wholesale stores. Since wholesalers supply clothes to retailers, there is a good chance that they will have the same clothing in their inventory as well. Sometimes, the variety at a wholesale store may be larger than that of a retail store. Wholesalers trade with many retailers at a time. They supply each retailer with different kind of clothing according to what they ask for. This allows you to find everything all under one roof; now isn’t that just great?

If you want to buy wholesale clothing, you can buy it from the internet as well. Many wholesalers have their websites online and they constantly update their catalogues to let their customers know about their new arrivals. This is a good way to keep you updated on the latest fashion trends and what the manufacturers are releasing into the market.

The prices of wholesale clothing sold online could be lower than those at wholesale stores. This is because online selling does not include any overhead costs. Online wholesalers charge their customers a lower price without sacrificing their profits. If you want to buy the exact same kind of clothing you’ve seen at retail stores, you can buy it from wholesalers as well. All you have to do is inquire retailers about the wholesaler that they trade with. Once you have the contact number and the address, you can visit that particular wholesaler and ask for the clothing you wanted to buy. Shopping from wholesalers has a lot of benefits and everyone should try it out, if you want to start making savings on your purchases.

8 Effective Social Marketing Strategies your Online Platform Competitor Might be Hiding from You

Establishing an online platform nowadays is as easy as creating your social media account. From signing up to uploading pictures of the products you’re going to sell and including the text descriptions with the retail/wholesale value in each and every item – anyone can be an online marketer. But what makes an online marketer apart from the other competitors is the way they bring in and increase traffic to their eCommerce platform that will boost their online sales. Yes, traffic! If there’s a traffic that people would definitely love, that is web traffic because it does not give you bad vibes and headaches. Instead, it will provide you more leads and conversion. Sounds promising, but this is fact.
However, no matter how amazing the vacuum cleaner or whatever items or services you are selling in your platform; if you can’t reach more people and get them engaged with your platform the way Swifties patronize the every antic of Taylor Swift or how people purchase every product innovation of Apple – everything you did from the start will be pointless. So what else can you do for your eCommerce store to get connected to your target niche and get that extra boost your online sales need? Here’s how.
* Daily posting of content – Most of the consumers today will seek Google even for a simplest daily dilemma. Since consumers demand tons of valuable content, give them what they want by posting contents daily but in a scheduled manner. When you post in Facebook, a short but digestible content is enough. And when you do your social media marketing in Twitter, make it 4 to 6 times a day. You can use automated posting tools like Hootsuite, Buffer or StumbleUpon to increase your reach and convert more sales.
* Image matters – When you post content in your social media accounts, see to it that you include images along with it because it gives more excitement to people who will be seeing it that it can generate 50% more likes than plain text.
* The product URL is your strongest link – make the online shopping experience of the consumers the easiest by including the direct link in your content post. This will prevent shoppers from bouncing off from one online store to another (like what you usually do in malls when you can’t find the items you need in one store, admit it!)
* Increase your community exposure with social buttons – in every blog article you post never forget to include those button-like social media buttons that will spread your great news that you’re having the biggest discount sale ever! You can place them at the header or footer of your website of blog, in the newsletter you email to consumers, even in your email signature.
* Run campaigns the Launchrock way – this will help you collect email addresses of people who are anticipating new product or service launches. It integrates social within the subscription process which could turn from a regular promotion into a viral marketing channel that will drive traffic and sales all the way to your platform. You can include in your campaign incentives or limited special offers that will surely motivate visitors to share the promotion to their family, friends, and colleagues.
* Organize a weekly Twitter Q&A – this will help you get to know more of the consumers: what interest them, what motivates them to buy, what keeps them off from online store, and any other concerns they keep shut for their selves. To get them into the circle, you can ask them to use a specific hashtag that is related to the Q&A to join. This strategy could help your brand create noise in the World Wide Web by going ‘trending’.
* Make your blog post title creative – Interesting blog post titles that uses everyday language, that leverages the common psychological traits, the negatives that people do not want to happen to them or wants to avoid, and listing post motivates people to read the whole content. The ‘right-in-the-feels” blog post titles persuade people to read and share it to their peers.
* Infographic gives you the best traffic – infographic is another content that can effectively raise awareness to your brand and spike great web traffic to your eCommerce store. All you need is to find an interesting topic that will catch the attention of the consumers and invest some few dollars in having that infographic created.
These are the social media strategies that your competitor might have been hiding from you all along that give them continuous growth in online sales. Now that their secret sauce has been revealed, maybe it’s your time to make a move to boost the online sales your platform deserves. If you have other ideas in mind that you want to share for starters struggling in the world of online marketing, do you mind sharing them at the comments?