How To Buy Wholesale Craft Supplies

Let’s face it, the most expensive part of almost any creative craft whether it is scrapbooking, knitting, painting, beading or anything else is buying all the raw supplies that go into making something beautiful. To really get good at a craft you have to buy a lot of supplies and repeatedly make mistakes while learning your craft, and that gets expensive. Even after you’ve mastered the art form you’re working with buying the raw materials is still one of the most expensive parts of any hobby.

That’s where buying your craft supplies “wholesale” can really help keep your profits high and your expenses low when you’re first starting to sell your own items out of your home or in a store. Unfortunately buying supplies wholesale is not quite as easy as it seems.

The word “wholesale” is often used as a substitute for “cheap” but that’s not really what wholesale means. Normally when you buy raw materials to make a craft you’re buying them in small quantities from a store. At an earlier time that supply store bought larger quantities from a wholesale vendor of the materials somewhere.

By buying larger quantities the store was able to get a lower price, which they can then mark and sell to you. Selling in a store is sometimes referred to as retail sales. This is how most retail stores work.

Retail stores are simply stores that sell one or two items at a time to people while wholesale companies usually do not deal with the general public, don’t have a showroom and only deal in big quantities of items. When you buy things wholesale you often don’t pay sales tax on the items because it is understood that you will eventually sell the items and collect sales tax instead.

First, you will almost definitely need a wholesale license. A wholesaler’s license basically allows you to buy items from wholesale centers without paying sales tax. Yep, when you buy things wholesale you do not pay sales tax. But when you then sell the items you bought you must collect sales tax and give that tax to your state. Most true wholesale craft stores require that you have a real registered business with your state commerce department as well as a “wholesaler’s license” which can usually also be obtained through your state. Most true wholesale establishments will ask to see your license or see proof of your legal right to buy items wholesale.

Now that you can buy items wholesale you’ll need to find a store to sell you the craft supplies you need and want. You’ll probably have to commit to a large order of items and you may even have to purchase supplies regularly to stay in the wholesaler’s good graces. In some fields wholesale sellers are very picky and may actually not allow you to buy from them until you’ve established yourself.

With a little persistence and some effort put towards your growing craft business, you can really save a lot of money and obtain some great supplies to expand your creativity through wholesale distributors!

Craft Items Purchased Wholesale For a Number of Reasons

There are hundreds of craft stores on the Internet in which you can purchase wholesale items to either sell in your retail store at a discounted rate so you can make money or so you can use them on projects yourself. Many people buy wholesale craft items to make craft projects for craft fairs at churches and schools to sell to make money for the holidays.

The wholesale craft items could include buttons, googly eyes, felt squares, curly hair, Styrofoam balls, carved wooden items, paints, glue, charms, bracelets, beads, dolls, stuffing, yarn, weaving items, crocheting items, cross stitch items, fancy stationery and anything needed to make unique and one-of-a-kind craft items to sell at craft fairs or give away as gifts for the holidays.

There are wholesale craft items in catalogs they can be purchased for Girl Scout or Boy Scout camps or everyday meetings in which a craft project is needed to be completed. Some of these wholesale craft sites on the Internet even offer easy to assemble project instructions. Scouts can enjoy projects with felt pieces and glue, wooden pieces and paint, beads and wires, clay and paint and many other craft projects and ordered to receive their crafting badge. There are kits available with everything one needs to build or make something useful or you can purchase the items separately; either way, purchasing them wholesale will save the Scouts money they can use for other projects or special treats.

When you go to a craft store in your neighborhood you’re paying retail prices which are pretty high for just a couple of beads or if you charms for bracelet you are making; however if you purchase through a wholesale catalog or wholesale dealer on the Internet, you are getting more for your money. If you take the same amount of money you spend at a retail store and spend it at a wholesale dealer you will did almost 50 percent more items for your money that’s because you’re buying in bulk and this will save you money.

If you enjoy knitting, then it’s prudent to purchase your yarn through a wholesale dealer because you will get more yarn for your money than if you purchased it at a retail store even if it’s on sale. You’re in can be very expensive depending on what weight and thickness you are purchasing. Even if you do not need that much yarn it is best to go with a wholesale dealer to get the best yarn for your money.

Everyone enjoys making handmade items and when you purchase the supplies to her wholesale dealer you will enjoy making them even more because you know you’ve saved money. Wholesale dealers realize that people who enjoy creating craft items are on limited budgets and so they put together packages with instructions for many craft items and they also have deals on bags of beads, bags of stuffing, skeins of yarn, bags of googly eyes, wooden items purchased in sets and many other deals that can be found in wholesale catalogs and on the Internet.