Where to Get Brand Name Wholesale Clothing?

Some of us just want branded clothing. It’s not our fault that the clothing is so irresistible. But, one thing that we can’t help is that the prices of the clothing are just too high. For those of you, who love buying branded clothing, are probably familiar with the problem of not being able to get what you want or not being able to stick to your budget. There is a solution for this problem, which many shoppers are unaware of. We will be telling you about brand name wholesale clothing which is the best solution for getting branded clothing at lower prices.

Branded clothing is often very expensive for the large majority of people. The reasons why they are highly priced are because they usually charge for the brand name as well. Of course, if you want to buy from a reputable company and wear their fashionable clothes, you will have to pay the price!

What brand name wholesale clothing allows you to do is to buy them, but for a lower price than you’d be charged at the brand store. When we say ‘brand name wholesale clothing’ you must not expect the prices to be as low as they are, with normal wholesale clothing. Brand name wholesale clothing is clothing that is cheaper than the branded clothes in the retail stores. The items will be the same as the retail stores have. But, the prices will be higher than regular wholesale clothing. Though, the saving might not be as significant as it would, when buying regular wholesale clothing, you will be able to make some saving from brand name wholesale clothing.

They can be found at wholesaler’s stores and over the internet as well. The internet is a growing phenomenon and many wholesalers have taken the opportunity to sell online as well. There are many websites which are selling brand name wholesale clothing at attractive prices. These merchandise is usually the latest stocks available in the market and you will be able to take a look at the catalogue to find out, what all is available in their stocks.

Another way you can get it is through buying from the brand’s wholesaler directly. What you will need to do is to figure out, which brand you want to buy. Then you’ll need to look up the locations of their retail stores in your city. Pay a visit to these stores and inquire about their wholesalers. Once you get the addresses of these wholesalers, all you’ll need to do is go directly to them for the item, you want to buy. Some brands have more than one wholesaler whom they buy from, so we suggest that you pay a visit to more than two retail stores and ask about their wholesalers. This way, you can get the addresses of their main wholesalers.

Sometimes, you can buy from a factory outlet of the brand as well. The prices at these stores may not be very low, but it is almost the same price as the wholesalers offer. This type of clothing by these factory outlets is usually of good quality and you have a chance to try the clothes before you make the purchase.These were the main places where you can get them. We highly recommend them because we can guarantee, you won’t regret buying brand name wholesale clothing for yourself.

Why Should All of us Switch to Buying Wholesale Clothing?

We all like to head out shopping once in a while. But, when we do that (even if it’s once in a while) the prices of clothing often stop us from buying the things we like or want to buy. Most of us have a fixed budget in mind and we don’t allow ourselves to cross the limit and buy anything exceeding the budget. If you do that, don’t worry because you are not the only one. There are about a million people out there, who do the same.

If you’re looking for an alternative that will help you get clothing that is as good as the clothing found in retail stores, and is cheaper, and then you should consider buying wholesale clothing. Everyone needs clothing and honestly, no one can survive without going shopping once in a while. Wholesale clothing is so affordable that you can stick to your budget, or even spend less than you planned to. Wholesale clothing can be found for anyone; men, women, young children and even teenagers. You might have a misconception in mind, forcing you to think that just because its wholesale clothing, it won’t be as trendy or fashionable. That’s something you should stop worrying about and we will tell you why, exactly!

Wholesale clothing is as trendy and as good as any other clothing, you can find in the market. In fact, it’s the same clothing you will find in the market. When manufacturers make their merchandise, they sell it straight to wholesalers. It’s too costly and time consuming for them to sell them to individual retailers, so wholesalers are their best option. Once the wholesalers purchase the merchandise, the retailers buy them from the wholesalers, for their own stores. This is how the clothing channel works and this is how the clothing gets to the retail stores we shop at. So you see, the clothing at retail stores technically is wholesale clothing, only at a higher price.

Wholesalers often get the most fashionable clothes before the retailers do. As explained before, the manufacturers sell to wholesalers, who then sell the merchandise to retailers.

Wholesale clothing has a lot of variety. You can find branded clothing at a wholesale store as well as unbranded clothing. The range of clothing is large and you can find anything in the store ranging from Hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, caps, jeans, trousers etc.

When you opt to buy wholesale clothing, you can afford to go out shopping more often and opt for a wardrobe change more frequently. Lower prices don’t act as a hindrance in your shopping, and if something goes out of fashion, you can set it aside and buy yourself more fashionable clothing, because the spending is easy on the budget. Now, think of what would have happened, if you had bought something similar from a retail outlet. You’d have spent more money on the merchandise and would have been forced to wear the clothing, even after it goes out of fashion, because you can’t afford to spend more, nor can you set it aside because you spent a lot of money on it. Makes sense doesn’t it? This is what happens to a lot of people.

The added benefit of buying wholesale clothing is that you won’t have to wait till the end of the season to make purchases. Even if the sales are far away, wholesale clothing is still available, and can be bought at any time of the year, while allowing you to make savings for yourself as well!

Best Brands In Urban Wholesale Clothing For Women

Urban clothing is the style, which is considered best for catering different attitudes of people. One should pay attention to the style and quality of clothes rather then picking up cheap and funky cool clothes from retail outlets. Best way to buy cloths is to choose urban clothes as these are good to wear on any occasion. If you are investing money in urban stuff, do not worry, because its trend never goes off. Today’s generation like to wear only western clothes and modern garments, once again seeming mad after urban look. You can get urban clothes for men, women and kids also.

Today’s generation live in hip hop style and pick such clothes on low-cost from small outlets, but after first wash they just realize the wastage of their valuable money. It is always advisable to get branded clothes which can survive long and looks new and clean even after a number of washes. If you are looking for branded clothes then look around, you will find a number of branded stores, outlets and wholesalers. Such renowned companies deal in unique attitude fabrication. These companies offer wardrobe range, which makes you look smart and gentle. If you are particularly looking for women urban clothes you can go to any of the company approved wholesaler.

Wholesaler concept is successful only and only when you are able to make enough order of same item. It is convenient when you are further planning to open your own retail house or shop. However, if you want to have unique collection then you can contact directly online retail shops. Online retail shops accept your order 24 hours, by browsing online catalog containing colorful images with price and sizes. You can sign up online and start shopping by paying online using your credit cards details and necessary information to get your package delivered at right address. Moreover, you will get some discount if you are shopping up to certain limit. You can visit wholesalers online or can make a face to face visit to talk about terms and conditions to start with them.

If you want to take dealership, you should directly talk to the company. In such, legal matters one should prefer to and meet the concerned person instead of visiting the website. While, both of you and organization are agreed to initiate business relations, agreement should be prepared carefully. Before taking dealership to import large quantity fixed by the corporation, you should inquire about the brand and ask about marketing of product and related marketing material. After contract, your order is shipped to you directly. In wholesaler or retailers concept, it is wise to compare the rates of different brands. In simple words, before buying any urban brand from wholesaler, you should make an estimation of cloth. Trader clothes are 60-70% cheaper then retail outlets.

Always trust genuine companies because in today’s market there are a lot of fake companies which are offering heavy discounts of these clothes or famous branded clothes at their retail outlets. When you are dealing with huge amount should be cautious about quality of wholesale cloth and recognize the brand name by logo.

Important Factors To Keep Your Wholesale Clothing Business Up And Running

Thinking of starting a business of wholesale clothing? Well before starting a big business such as this, there are several things that you should know before actually spending your capital in this business. First is a warning. According to many experts, 80% of business startups, including the business of wholesale clothing, fails at their first year. This is because of the lack of necessary experience and knowledge to run the business as well as the pool of clients to get the business up and running.

Though capital is very important in every businesses startups, it isn’t always the only important factor that keeps a business running and achieving success in the market. Any business other than wholesale clothing business requires more than just capital. So here are some of the most important things that you should posses before starting a business of wholesale clothing or any other kinds of wholesaling business.

Known as the bread-and-butter of all business, experience and knowledge are the most important part of starting a business. According to many experts, this is one of the primary reasons why businesses achieve success in their industry. Lack of experience is also the primary reason why many business start-ups fail in their first year. So where can you get the experience required in starting a business of wholesale clothing?

There are many ways that one can get the experience required to run successful wholesaling business. Special courses offer businesses related sessions to teach people of how a business is run through theories coming from books as well as experiences from other businessmen and women. However, according to many experienced business owners, the right way of gaining experience is to actually work first-hand in the business you’re planning on building up, such as in a wholesale clothing company.

Starting from small
Another tip that many experienced business owners give to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to start from small. Many of today’s successful wholesale clothing business owners started from a retail business. Though small, the knowledge that it can give to its owner can be significant in starting a big business such as a wholesale clothing business. However, from a retail business to a wholesale business may also require other factors.

Clients are very important for every business-to-business types of business. According to many experts, this is also among of the few primary reasons why businesses fail in their first year, lack of clients means lack of profit. So where can one get clients in this business?

Many experienced business owners today have cited that starting from a small business, such as a retail business, is a great avenue for meeting prospective clients, this is by building up relationships with other retail businesses other than your own. Other ways to get clients is through business conventions. These places are commonly packed with businessmen and women which can either be a prospective client or a potential partner in business.
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Are You Buying the Right Quality Urban Wholesale Clothing at Cheap Prices?

Urban Clothing

Urban clothing is the thing of today, owing to the wide variety and styles which cater to different personalities or attitudes people carry. What is important though is that one should look for quality of the garments rather than just picking up random cool looking garments one finds at funky outlets. After all they have to look and feel the same after the first wash, which is often not the case with non branded clothing. Brands are usually associated with quality and they too are at the forefronts in the design and sales of urban clothing these days for all age group of people. The point we have to note here is that we need to take care of the quality of clothing keeping in mind the financial limitations one may have.

Comparison of Wholesale and Retail Clothing

One reason why the wholesale clothes are so cheap in comparison to retail or designer wear is because of the sheer number of garments that are manufactured hence giving them a huge overall discount. Most urban wholesale clothing companies get their manufacturing done in Asian countries like, China, Pakistan, Japan or India where the labor costs are much lower than in the USA, a drawback of which is lower quality products because man is not as accurate as a machine. On the contrary retailers, commercial and institutional select defect less pieces when buying from the wholesaler. Hence the possibility of one coming across urban clothing with poor quality is eliminated usually. So beware all those who buy wholesale clothing as you may come across defective pieces which are quoted cheaper than the usual price.

How to Evaluate the Price of Wholesale Clothing

So fundamentally one needs to understand the range of prices one has to shell out for urban wholesale clothing. Speaking in simple terms wholesale clothing are usually about 60-70% cheaper than the same piece at retail outlets. So once you do the simple math and get an estimate of the price at the wholesale outlet you need to be cautious while buying urban clothing, particularly when you order from one of the many online wholesale stores. Because you are not physically present to check out the piece, do not tempt and buy clothing which is costing less and looks flashy on the screen. Firstly and most importantly, one should only buy from those urban wholesale dealers who have had a reputation or know from your neighbors is trustful. Also check out all possible wholesale outlets and compare the same piece also with the ones available online so that you can make an accurate estimate of the price, but be careful to only buy from genuine and trustful companies though the price quoted may be slightly above the average of your research.

Beware of Fake Brands

There is also a possibility of fake brands and names from foreign markets which are often sold as genuine clothing but do not have the same quality. One way you can figure out this is by exceptionally low price, so it is important that one double checks before finalizing the wholesale buyer. Every smart wholesale buy is that much cash saved and the perfect urban wear you have wanted for all those days.

Succeeding in Your Business by Finding the Best Cheap Wholesale Clothing Distributor

Starting a business in the fashion industry has become easier than ever. With all the advantages brought forth to us by the internet is the biggest advantage that we have gotten. It has made things a lot easier for businesses especially making it easier for them to expand their target market throughout the world by setting up a simple website. This is just one example. There are hundreds of other ways through which you can benefit from the internet in your business. If you want to open a retail store of yours in the apparel industry the best way to get started is by simply getting your hands on cheap wholesale clothing.

Here again the internet has made it increasingly easier for us to find distributors and businesses that sell cheap wholesale clothing to retailers. If you look up the internet you can find directories that list down all the cheap wholesale clothing distributors. From this list you can check out the websites of these cheap wholesale clothing distributors. Most of them have their official websites set up from where their clients can place orders whereas some cheap wholesale clothing distributors might just leave a contact number and address for you so that you can contact them directly. Before you choose which cheap wholesale clothing distributor to place your order with you should contact several ones and see which one is offering you the best deal.

Always keep yourself updated with all the deals and discounts available on the internet. With each changing season new discounts and offers become available. Keep a look out for such promotions and grab every opportunity to get cheap wholesale clothing offers whenever possible. A little extra time and energy in the search for the best cheap wholesale clothing distributor will make a huge difference in your sales and will be the defining point for your profit and success of your business. When looking for cheap wholesale clothing items try not to compromise on the quality of the product. Finding the right balance between quality and price is the key to succeeding in the apparel industry.

There are all kinds of customers out there some which prefer high priced items whereas some customers prefer the cheapest regardless of the quality. So before you choose which cheap wholesale clothing distributor to place your order with try analyzing the target market you are aiming your retail store at. If you are going for an online retail store than you can offer more versatility because over the internet you are able to target a larger and more diverse market as compared to having a retail store in your local city. If you have your own store down the street then the quality of your cheap wholesale clothing will be very important because you need to know what people in your area want. Here again some market research will help you in choosing the best cheap wholesale clothing option for you.

You can also find some great cheap wholesale clothing in branded items. There are many stores carrying high – end brands that actually buy them at really low prices. It’s all about finding the best cheap wholesale clothing distributor who is able to deliver you these branded items from places that enable you to get them at lower costs. Therefore always put in enough time in the search process for the most adequate cheap wholesale clothing distributor and once you are sure about everything only then place your order. You can surely succeed and enjoy great sales once you have found the best cheap wholesale clothing distributor for your business.

Why is it Always Cheaper From Wholesale Clothing Distributors Than a Retailer?


Most of us are clothes savvy and we all love going on those weekend shopping to satisfy our titillation’s. Now it is important one wears the right clothes for various occasions and even more important that you buy them from the right place, keeping in mind the way they fit you, the design and of course the pricing. I was initially under the impression that quality is something which sets apart the branded from the non branded clothing, but with increasing number of manufacturers and new designers sprouting each year, quality is definitely not just restricted to the branded manufacturers.


Now, all of us are money conscious and we sometimes go to the extent of choosing a lesser quality product or simpler clothing just because it is available for a far cheaper price than the niche garment which carries a heavy price tag. On an average a common man is unaware of the intricacies of the clothing business and hence, I believe spends more on a garment than what it might cost elsewhere like a wholesale store at the outskirts of the city which is miles away from where we stay.


So let us now understand why the wholesale distributors sell the same garment to you for a price which might be about 30 to 50% lesser than what you find in a retail store. A wholesale dealer gets his products directly from the manufacturer in bulk, hence availing large discounts which in turn reflect on the prices of the clothes we buy from there. On the contrary, a retailer does not buy merchandise in such huge numbers in most cases and also has issues like the membership or retail license which takes a huge chunk of money reflecting in the form of increased price.

Another major reason why the retail prices are hiked, sometimes to the extent of 80 or 90% is because they buy most of their products from the wholesaler. Also the fundamental formulae implied for selling an object wholesale and retail are different. A wholesale dealer earns his profits by selling more number of pieces while the retailer earns them by a sheer increase in the price of each piece, by making the availability of the goods more convenient to you, as in a next door shop. A retailer also has to deal with the cost of transportation and handling for his various outlets also which add to the price.


Apart from the wholesale and retail models, there are several other types of business models like the branded stores, department stores, discount stores each with their set of guidelines and rules of selling merchandise. Considering that your may get a huge discount, one may love to buy from the wholesale dealer, but for those of you who hate going all the way to one, look for those websites which have tie ups or sell the same clothes for similar prices. Why be hasty when you can plan and get the best deals.

Advantages of Buying Cheap Wholesale Clothing

All wish to look smart and trendy in whatever they wear. Unfortunately, not all can afford to buy fashionable and trendy branded clothes as they are priced exorbitantly. Cheap wholesale clothing is the only option to get good quality, fashionable clothes without your budget going haywire. People tend to presume that wholesale clothes are low quality clothes while this is a big misconception. People tend to associate price with quality which is where they go wrong. Just because a product is priced high does not mean that it is of good quality.

There are many factors that go in deciding the price of a product. For branded apparel, a large chunk of the cost goes in building and maintaining its brand image and value. The marketing, advertising, brand affiliations, tie-ups, promotional activities etc are some of the reasons that cause the price of the product to be premium. Secondly, being niche products, the sale is lower so the margins have to be higher. For a layman, these economics are too complicated and he would rather assume that an expensive product is a top quality product and a low priced product is low in quality.

However, manufacturers supply to wholesalers too at a much lower rate as these wholesalers buy in bulk. When you buy cheap wholesale clothing, you are buying the merchandise which was purchased by the wholesaler directly from the manufacturer. Once this product reaches the branded retail outlet, its price escalates. The key is in buying the merchandise from the wholesaler and not from the retail outlet.

Secondly, one need not always buy only branded apparels from wholesale, you can buy regular cheap wholesale clothing too as they are much cheaper than branded wholesale apparels. These are the lesser known brands which are also directly purchased from the manufacturer and sold to customers with very low margins. Wholesalers function on a different business model. Their aim is high sales with low margins. They buy in bulk and warehouse space is always a restriction. As a result they prefer selling the products at very nominal margins in order to make space for new stock. This is where the customer gains as he gets good quality apparel at very cheap rate.

The quality of this apparel is as good as any apparel bought from a retail store. It may take some time to narrow down the best wholesale suppliers as there may be some fake wholesalers too. Apart from buying cheap wholesale clothing for your personal use, you may also try starting an online business with this apparel. An online retail outlet would be lot cheaper than being a wholesaler as the investment required would be much lower. Wholesalers buy stock in bulk and store it in huge warehouses which accounts for a lot of financial backup that is not easy. It would be better to have your online retail outlet along with a tie up with reliable wholesalers for supplying the goods.

Alternatively, you may try to have an arrangement of drop shipping with the wholesaler to reduce your costs even further. In such instances, the wholesaler would deliver directly to the customer and thereby reduce the shipping cost. This saving can be used to further reduce the price and provide the lowest prices in the industry. Cheap wholesale clothing is more popular than branded wholesale clothing as they are cheaper. Higher the demand better would be the profits. If you have a few close friends who would like to venture in this with you, it would help at the time of getting finance from a bank. Strategise and plan your cheap wholesale business model carefully to get success in your venture.

Wholesale Handbags and Savings for Your Designer Clothing Store

If you have a store which sells designer clothing, whether it’s a brick and mortar or strictly e-tail business, there’s one thing you’re definitely going to need: NYC wholesale handbags. Wholesale designer handbags in the latest styles are one accessory that your customers are going to be looking for and you can get them from wholesale distributors at prices which let you enjoy a healthy profit margin on each sale. There are a lot more handbag and purse wholesalers out there than there used to be and this means a much greater selection and lower prices for retailers. Virtually any kind of purse or bag you’d like to offer to your customers is available from a variety of sources.

NYC wholesale handbags distributors buy directly from manufacturers in bulk, which allows them to offer these products to retailers at deep discounts compared to retail prices. It’s true that you could also buy directly from manufacturers, but most require a very large minimum order which is beyond the needs of a retail operation. Essentially, it makes more sense for a retail store to get handbags and purses from wholesale distributors.

Some wholesalers also require a fairly large minimum order, but a growing number of wholesale distributors are dropping this requirement. As more and more online retailers open for business, the demand for wholesale goods has increased to the extent that forward looking wholesalers have established a no minimum order policy and begun to offer drop shipping services to provide for the needs of online stores. Some of these wholesalers offer designer clothing and accessories, including brand name handbags and purses from Maxam and Embassy, among others.

These designer handbags are available for prices which are substantially below retail and are often just a little bit higher than the manufacturer’s price. Wholesalers buy products in very large quantities in order to receive these savings, which are then passed on to their customers, including retail stores.

By establishing and maintaining good working relationships with both manufacturers and retailers, wholesale distributors are able to maintain a healthy profit margin through discounted prices from manufacturers and regular orders from their retailer clientele. A quality wholesaler will provide retail businesses with accurate information on pricing and inventory which is regularly updated, as well as fast, efficient drop shipping services, if offered. For their part, online fashion handbags tote retailers also need to make sure that they’re getting the latest inventory and prices from wholesale distributors and ensuring that this information is reflected on their own product pages.

Real time (or close to real time) inventory and pricing information from wholesalers and drop shippers is key to running an efficient and profitable online designer clothing and accessory business. Your customers want designer handbags and purses and having a reliable wholesaler as your business partner allows you to keep offering your customers the products they want at competitive prices, along with customer service that will keep them coming back – and keep your profits coming in.

Two Amazing Ways to Get Brand Name Wholesale Clothing

Everyone wants a branded item in their closet these days. With our society becoming more brand conscious these days, it is only natural that people would want to keep up with the trend of wearing branded apparels. But most of us will agree that branded apparel can cost a fortune and it is very hard on the budget. Furthermore, not everyone can afford branded apparel every time they go out shopping because it is just too expensive. So what do people in these situations do? Do they not buy branded apparel? The answer to this is simple. People in these situations have an alternative which can be significantly cheaper at times. The alternative is brand name wholesale clothing.

Brand name wholesale clothing is nothing less than branded clothing. This is to clear up the confusion as some people might think that just because it is wholesale. Brand name wholesale clothing is in fact branded apparel. It is just bought from a wholesaler, for a lesser price, rather than buying it from a retail outlet at the retail price which is being charged.
We will be talking about two great ways in which you can get yourself brand name wholesale clothing. It allows you to get whatever branded item you want, at a lesser price. Wholesalers often have most of the brands you are looking for. You may have to look for a particular dealer with your brand of apparel, but we will be discussing that in detail a little further on in the text.

The first place where you can get great brand name wholesale clothing is online. The internet has taken over everything and now it is made so much easier to buy them. All you need to do is use a search engine, and you will be presented with a long list of dealers who are selling this stuff. The prices are cheaper than the retail prices and you can be assured to find all the current stock that the brand has on display and is selling. You can conveniently sit at home and order all the brand name wholesale clothing you want, while saving a few bucks on every purchase you make. Now the savings you make might not be as significant as buying unbranded clothing, but it is always better than making no savings at all.

Another way to buy brand name wholesale clothing is by visiting the retailers wholesaler personally. There is one very reliable way of finding out about the wholesaler of the retail outlet, which you can trust. You will need to determine which brand you are looking for and the location of their retail outlet. Pay a visit to the outlet and ask about the wholesalers details. Some managers are more than happy to disclose these details to you, so you would not have a hard time finding out about them. The reason why this is a very reliable way of getting apparel is because you will be buying directly from the wholesaler that the retail outlet buys from, considering the fact that retail outlets of the brand often choose suppliers who only give quality apparel. You will have access to merchandise that are of high quality.

Most people were not aware of the second way of finding brand name wholesale clothing, but most of us have learnt a new way of saving money on branded merchandise. The savings made might not be as significant as you would want them to be, but you are guaranteed quality and minor savings while fulfilling your wishes about branded clothes.