Why is it Always Cheaper From Wholesale Clothing Distributors Than a Retailer?


Most of us are clothes savvy and we all love going on those weekend shopping to satisfy our titillation’s. Now it is important one wears the right clothes for various occasions and even more important that you buy them from the right place, keeping in mind the way they fit you, the design and of course the pricing. I was initially under the impression that quality is something which sets apart the branded from the non branded clothing, but with increasing number of manufacturers and new designers sprouting each year, quality is definitely not just restricted to the branded manufacturers.


Now, all of us are money conscious and we sometimes go to the extent of choosing a lesser quality product or simpler clothing just because it is available for a far cheaper price than the niche garment which carries a heavy price tag. On an average a common man is unaware of the intricacies of the clothing business and hence, I believe spends more on a garment than what it might cost elsewhere like a wholesale store at the outskirts of the city which is miles away from where we stay.


So let us now understand why the wholesale distributors sell the same garment to you for a price which might be about 30 to 50% lesser than what you find in a retail store. A wholesale dealer gets his products directly from the manufacturer in bulk, hence availing large discounts which in turn reflect on the prices of the clothes we buy from there. On the contrary, a retailer does not buy merchandise in such huge numbers in most cases and also has issues like the membership or retail license which takes a huge chunk of money reflecting in the form of increased price.

Another major reason why the retail prices are hiked, sometimes to the extent of 80 or 90% is because they buy most of their products from the wholesaler. Also the fundamental formulae implied for selling an object wholesale and retail are different. A wholesale dealer earns his profits by selling more number of pieces while the retailer earns them by a sheer increase in the price of each piece, by making the availability of the goods more convenient to you, as in a next door shop. A retailer also has to deal with the cost of transportation and handling for his various outlets also which add to the price.


Apart from the wholesale and retail models, there are several other types of business models like the branded stores, department stores, discount stores each with their set of guidelines and rules of selling merchandise. Considering that your may get a huge discount, one may love to buy from the wholesale dealer, but for those of you who hate going all the way to one, look for those websites which have tie ups or sell the same clothes for similar prices. Why be hasty when you can plan and get the best deals.

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