3 Myths About Wholesale Name Branding

Are you willing enough to start your own wholesale name brand clothing business? It is a fun business but requires a big budget so those with limited amount of budget might need to rethink their possibilities of opening up a new business. Wholesale clothing business has got its own benefits and risks. The main reason behind big budget for this business is that you have to buy in bulk quantities and sell in bulk quantities.

Without this transaction it cannot be a wholesale business. You need to be cautious and careful while dealing with the wholesale suppliers since most of them are not genuine and you need to make sure that which one of those are the ones that you require to start business with. In the list below there are top 3 myths discussed about the wholesale name branding clothes.

1. Buy 1 get 1 free types of promos – these promos are valid for marketing offers at retail outlets but not at wholesale name branding clothes outlet. Wholesale businesses do not put up this offer. If you think that this offer is valid for them, then think again.

2. 50% discount off minimum purchases – yes this also holds true but again at retail outlets. Regarding to wholesale clothing stores, discounts are provided to those customers who reach the minimum threshold level of purchasing from the business but not as high as 50%. The rate is already lower than the market rate so do not expect a further drastic cut in prices. After all these wholesale businesses also need cash to cover their operating expenses and run their store with profits.

3. The factory outlets – Many people have this notion that when they are purchasing from a factory outlet of their favorite apparel, they think it is a wholesale clothing store. It is not true. It is a big myth and a true misconception among many customers that factory outlet is a wholesale outlet. While it is true that factory outlets sell usually at lower prices than the retail outlets, but they have to cover their operating expenses and staff wages in price to earn a reasonable amount of profit. Do not get fooled by any salesman of the factory outlet saying that this is a wholesale name branding clothes store. The wholesale shops are situated in the wholesale market and not in the retail customer market. Furthermore these salesmen would encourage you to buy in bulk but even if you don’t buy in large quantities you can still pay them and get what you want. In short, factory outlets are not wholesale outlets.

Given the fact that above myths are taking place in our society, you as a business or a consumer needs to be aware of the facts and the reality so that you don’t get fooled again by the business marketing tactics of these wholesale name brand clothing. Having said that it is also true that clothing stores has become an attractive business option for many, all you need to do is careful amount of research to get the work done.