Affordable 925 sterling silver jewelry in wholesale Is Just a Click Away

What is 925 sterling silver?

Sterling silver is the purest form of usable silver. It is known as 925 sterling silver because it contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, mostly copper. 100% pure silver metal is extremely malleable and can’t be used to create any durable jewelry pieces. And thus a small percentage of other metal is added to make the pure silver metal moldable.

The reasons behind the growing popularity of sterling silver jewelry

Today, the increasing popularity of silver jewelry is boosting the demand of 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale supplies in the retail businesses. A huge variety of jewelry items including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles and bangles are crafted using 925 sterling silver.

The jewelry items that are made of 925 sterling silver feature shine, brightness and exclusiveness. Yet, these jewelry pieces will cost you very less than the jewelry pieces made of other precious metals such as gold and platinum.

925 Sterling silver is hypoallergenic, inexpensive and valuable metal like gold. Sterling silver jewelry pieces are easy to clean. With good care and polish, they can be used for years. Besides, the sterling silver jewelry wholesale market is so versatile that regardless of your taste, you are sure to find jewelry pieces best matching your interest and budget.

Silver jewelry pieces are so much in vogue amongst all age groups of buyers. The huge variety of options, incredibly magnificent and innovative designs, cheap prices and great market flexibility have created a separate niche for silver jewelry untouched by the gold and platinum jewelry markets.
Silver ornaments hold a special place in everyone’s belongings. They go well with all types of attires. The stylish appeal of the 925 sterling silver jewelry pieces makes them a go-to choice for all different occasions.

Buy 925 sterling silver jewelry in wholesale

There are many suppliers of 925 sterling silver jewelry in wholesale across the globe. They trade with retail businesses and individuals providing them silver jewelry in wholesale at huge discounts. Even if you are an individual who like to have an impressive collection of latest jewelry designs, shop sterling silver jewelry in bulk with heavy discounts from one of the wholesalers out there.

It is very important to ensure the authenticity and craftsmanship of sterling silver jewelry before you place your order. Make sure you do market research and analysis before you deal with a wholesaler. Your retail business reputation largely depends on the authenticity, finish and appeal of the jewelry pieces.
It is also essential to have a collection of latest designs and styles which can attract buyers and increase sales. Given a fabulous design and best quality craftsmanship, it is guaranteed that you can easily convert your one time buyers into lifetime customers. This is why it is important to choose your 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale partner carefully.

Shop your 925 silver jewelry online

The online stores are offering huge price benefit to retailers looking for wholesale sterling silver jewelry, so the retail businesses can leverage good profit margins. Most web based jewelry stores have online catalogs that enlist all their products and designs available in the stock. You can also request their catalog in email.

One of the many benefits of shopping sterling silver ornaments online is you can choose from a vast collection of latest designs crafted by different artisans. You can learn about the latest fashion trends in the sterling silver jewelry world. From traditional and contemporary to quirky, you find all sorts of designs in 925 sterling silver jewelry stores.

Make sure you check the markings on the jewelry pieces. Authentic sterling silver jewelry pieces are stamped with a mark of ‘925’. This connotes that those jewelry items has 92.5% of pure silver in them. This is a most common marking for all sterling silver jewelry. Do your homework right and search for the best 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale shop online.

Hope this article has give you some great reasons on why investing in 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale is a best decision. So, are you ready to stock up your silver jewelry? Order it online!