Software for Wholesale Distribution

Software for Wholesale DistributionMost wholesale distributors are always in the agony of missing goods, lack of information, and wasting time on performing a few tasks. Distribution Software can simplify the range of workflows, automating functions, and conducting more business in shorter periods. There are different software used in wholesale distribution; selecting the appropriate software for your business is crucial to the effectiveness of the system.

Software for wholesale distribution is a tool that makes business processes like finance, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and shipping, connected to the same source to facilitate data sharing. For example, you might want to set up automatic supply from a particular manufacturer when stock is exhausted. Good software will prompt you when goods are exhausted and will automatically reorder goods from the manufacturer. This reduces labor input and increases employee concentration.

Wholesale distribution software can also be defined as tools that assist in managing distribution processes, such as inventory tracking and warehousing functions, in making business activities easier to run and maintain. Examples are Supply Chain Management Software, Foodservice Distribution Software, Freight Software, etc.

Features of Distribution Software

Distribution Channel & Supplier Management

The success of every wholesale distribution business depends on the adequate performance of the distribution channel. The software gives you the ability to study inventory transactions, reduce the cost of inventory management, and centralize the buying processes. You can also be assured of visibility into manufacturer performance.

Order Processing

Maintaining the leading position in your business requires the ability to be quick and accurate in fulfilling orders. A good software avails you the opportunity of fast order processing. Quotes are easily converted to orders; payments also become faster with the automation process. There is also support for integrated procurement management and assist your purchasing order from the beginning until it is completed.

Charge Back Management

The speed in the distribution sector is increasing by the day; there is a dire need for a comprehensive and centralized process for managing the financial aspect of the business and the chargeback management. This is very crucial to cost escalation and consumption of valuable time. Managing your chargebacks with software offers you the privilege to follow customer chargeback transactions and reduce overall processing time. The software also makes it possible to fasten order-to-cash processes, which reduce manual workload and eliminate errors.

Importance of Software in the Wholesale Distribution

  • It offers guaranteed customer relationship management, with the opportunity to access customer information and help plan the business to satisfy or meet customers’ expectations.
  • There is assurance on the fulfillment of all orders received by the business through the processes of workflow action items.
  • Wholesale distribution software allows users the ability to manage orders from different sales channels.

Every distribution business that makes use of software, always generate better results. This is because the software is more reliable and efficient.