All That You Wish to Know About Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Your attire can never be complete without fashion jewelry. In fact, jewelry and that too of the latest design and fashion is very important for every woman. Latest piece of jewelry is essential for any woman, if she wants to impress to whomever she meets. So, how does a woman go about purchasing such items and save money?

People think thrice before they actually spend. In such situations, how can women indulge their desires for owning the latest fashion jewelry without going over budget at the end of the month? Surely there has to be an answer for this and it is wholesale fashion jewelry. Why should you pay retail price when you can get the same fashion jewelry at incredibly affordable rates!

All women know instinctively about where they have to go for purchasing their latest fashion jewelry. However, they are not aware of one simple fact that there are wholesale stores, where they need not pay retail price for the ornament. No longer has it had to be a mall, a specialty jewelry store or a dedicated discount fashion jewelry shop. They can be bought at wholesale and while you are sitting at home too. Well not at home exactly, but wherever there is a computer with an internet connection, you can be sure of purchasing your wholesale fashion jewelry. Just Search for fashion jewelry wholesale in any search engine and in a minute you will be provided with a list of online stores selling fashion jewelry at wholesale prices.

If you don’t want to try online stores, you can look out for some in your area. You might get lucky and find a retailer, who deals in wholesale fashion jewelry just near to your place. However, this is uncommon and the best thing we will suggest is to try online wholesale stores. Now, let’s look at the amount of money you can save by shopping jewelry at wholesale stores. Without any doubt, you will be saving a significant amount of your hard-earned money. Wholesalers have discounted prices, where you can buy your favorite product in bulks.

Therefore, if you get a chance and a solid reason for buying your favorite jewelry in bulk from the wholesaler, you might get even luckier and save up to 50% on the retail price of the same piece of jewelry at malls and stores. If you don’t want to shop in bulk items for yourself, call your friends and family and discuss the prospects with them. At the end of the conversation, you will probably have a lot of willing shoppers and in the process you will have worked out a way to save even more on the price.

The best thing about wholesale jewelry is the fact that, usually wholesalers have items which you are unlikely to find in the retail stores or even in malls. This creates uniqueness about the jewelry that you might have bought from wholesale. The quality of the jewelry is just great. You can even get those items done by your favorite brand or designer at wholesale as well. Without a doubt, buying jewelry from wholesale is a great deal.

Where to Get Brand Name Wholesale Clothing?

Some of us just want branded clothing. It’s not our fault that the clothing is so irresistible. But, one thing that we can’t help is that the prices of the clothing are just too high. For those of you, who love buying branded clothing, are probably familiar with the problem of not being able to get what you want or not being able to stick to your budget. There is a solution for this problem, which many shoppers are unaware of. We will be telling you about brand name wholesale clothing which is the best solution for getting branded clothing at lower prices.

Branded clothing is often very expensive for the large majority of people. The reasons why they are highly priced are because they usually charge for the brand name as well. Of course, if you want to buy from a reputable company and wear their fashionable clothes, you will have to pay the price!

What brand name wholesale clothing allows you to do is to buy them, but for a lower price than you’d be charged at the brand store. When we say ‘brand name wholesale clothing’ you must not expect the prices to be as low as they are, with normal wholesale clothing. Brand name wholesale clothing is clothing that is cheaper than the branded clothes in the retail stores. The items will be the same as the retail stores have. But, the prices will be higher than regular wholesale clothing. Though, the saving might not be as significant as it would, when buying regular wholesale clothing, you will be able to make some saving from brand name wholesale clothing.

They can be found at wholesaler’s stores and over the internet as well. The internet is a growing phenomenon and many wholesalers have taken the opportunity to sell online as well. There are many websites which are selling brand name wholesale clothing at attractive prices. These merchandise is usually the latest stocks available in the market and you will be able to take a look at the catalogue to find out, what all is available in their stocks.

Another way you can get it is through buying from the brand’s wholesaler directly. What you will need to do is to figure out, which brand you want to buy. Then you’ll need to look up the locations of their retail stores in your city. Pay a visit to these stores and inquire about their wholesalers. Once you get the addresses of these wholesalers, all you’ll need to do is go directly to them for the item, you want to buy. Some brands have more than one wholesaler whom they buy from, so we suggest that you pay a visit to more than two retail stores and ask about their wholesalers. This way, you can get the addresses of their main wholesalers.

Sometimes, you can buy from a factory outlet of the brand as well. The prices at these stores may not be very low, but it is almost the same price as the wholesalers offer. This type of clothing by these factory outlets is usually of good quality and you have a chance to try the clothes before you make the purchase.These were the main places where you can get them. We highly recommend them because we can guarantee, you won’t regret buying brand name wholesale clothing for yourself.

Why Should All of us Switch to Buying Wholesale Clothing?

We all like to head out shopping once in a while. But, when we do that (even if it’s once in a while) the prices of clothing often stop us from buying the things we like or want to buy. Most of us have a fixed budget in mind and we don’t allow ourselves to cross the limit and buy anything exceeding the budget. If you do that, don’t worry because you are not the only one. There are about a million people out there, who do the same.

If you’re looking for an alternative that will help you get clothing that is as good as the clothing found in retail stores, and is cheaper, and then you should consider buying wholesale clothing. Everyone needs clothing and honestly, no one can survive without going shopping once in a while. Wholesale clothing is so affordable that you can stick to your budget, or even spend less than you planned to. Wholesale clothing can be found for anyone; men, women, young children and even teenagers. You might have a misconception in mind, forcing you to think that just because its wholesale clothing, it won’t be as trendy or fashionable. That’s something you should stop worrying about and we will tell you why, exactly!

Wholesale clothing is as trendy and as good as any other clothing, you can find in the market. In fact, it’s the same clothing you will find in the market. When manufacturers make their merchandise, they sell it straight to wholesalers. It’s too costly and time consuming for them to sell them to individual retailers, so wholesalers are their best option. Once the wholesalers purchase the merchandise, the retailers buy them from the wholesalers, for their own stores. This is how the clothing channel works and this is how the clothing gets to the retail stores we shop at. So you see, the clothing at retail stores technically is wholesale clothing, only at a higher price.

Wholesalers often get the most fashionable clothes before the retailers do. As explained before, the manufacturers sell to wholesalers, who then sell the merchandise to retailers.

Wholesale clothing has a lot of variety. You can find branded clothing at a wholesale store as well as unbranded clothing. The range of clothing is large and you can find anything in the store ranging from Hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, caps, jeans, trousers etc.

When you opt to buy wholesale clothing, you can afford to go out shopping more often and opt for a wardrobe change more frequently. Lower prices don’t act as a hindrance in your shopping, and if something goes out of fashion, you can set it aside and buy yourself more fashionable clothing, because the spending is easy on the budget. Now, think of what would have happened, if you had bought something similar from a retail outlet. You’d have spent more money on the merchandise and would have been forced to wear the clothing, even after it goes out of fashion, because you can’t afford to spend more, nor can you set it aside because you spent a lot of money on it. Makes sense doesn’t it? This is what happens to a lot of people.

The added benefit of buying wholesale clothing is that you won’t have to wait till the end of the season to make purchases. Even if the sales are far away, wholesale clothing is still available, and can be bought at any time of the year, while allowing you to make savings for yourself as well!

Top Things To Consider Before Choosing Wholesale Fresh Flowers Shop

Are you looking forward to purchase wholesale fresh flowers for a wedding event or a normal fundraiser or any other event? If yes then you ought to carry out some thorough research before finalizing a wholesaler. With the increasing competition in almost every economic endeavor, a good number of wholesale flower dealers have come into picture. This has further enhanced the level of difficulty involved in selecting an ideal wholesaler for supplying fresh flowers. However, with the help of proper research and study, one can easily find a suitable wholesale dealer matching the specific needs and wants.

Further in this article, I have outlined some of the main considerations that can help in choosing the best wholesale fresh flowers shop easily.

1. Price

Price would obviously be a primary consideration of a person who is looking for wholesale flowers. Therefore, it becomes necessary to learn more about the flower market. You should be aware of the retail prices in order to know the genuine wholesale prices. There should be a difference of at least 15-20% between the maximum retail price and the wholesale price. In case the retail and the wholesale prices are somewhat same, then you are not probably dealing with a wholesale dealer.

2. Reputation

Preferably, you should have a word with some customers of the flower wholesaler in order to know more about the credibility, and quality of products and services. If you are not sure about judging the reliability and repute of a dealer, then it is wise to go for well-known and well-established flower dealers. Various dealers like Amerilink International, have established a good reputation in the market because of their high quality across the border services. Such dealers get their flowers from Mexico, Italy, Costa Rica and a good number of other places. Trading with these dealers might be an ideal choice for purchasing wholesale fresh flowers.

3. Modes Of Delivery

If you are going in for an online supplier, you should look into the various methods of delivery offered by the wholesaler. If the delivery is made through refrigerated trucks, then it would be the best place to purchase the flowers from. Overnight delivery option can also be considered for getting flowers at your doorstep. Apart from this, you should also ensure that there are no hidden charges included in the price of the products if the dealer is offering free of cost shipping. This might really affect the wholesale price and might bring it close to the retail price.

4. Ethically Obtained

If you are a kind of person who deeply cares about the environment and human rights, then finding the ethically sourced flower dealers might be of great importance to you. In such cases, you need to look out for the label of the suppliers. There might be a certain inscription related to the Fair Trade standards or any other similar organization standards. Flowers from Mexico and other parts of US are generally obtained in ethical manner.

You need to remember that obtaining wholesale flowers is a good deal only if you are getting fresh and best quality flowers at discounted rates. Therefore, you need to indulge in proper research and consider the above discussed points in order to obtain the best quality wholesale fresh flowers.

Best Brands In Urban Wholesale Clothing For Women

Urban clothing is the style, which is considered best for catering different attitudes of people. One should pay attention to the style and quality of clothes rather then picking up cheap and funky cool clothes from retail outlets. Best way to buy cloths is to choose urban clothes as these are good to wear on any occasion. If you are investing money in urban stuff, do not worry, because its trend never goes off. Today’s generation like to wear only western clothes and modern garments, once again seeming mad after urban look. You can get urban clothes for men, women and kids also.

Today’s generation live in hip hop style and pick such clothes on low-cost from small outlets, but after first wash they just realize the wastage of their valuable money. It is always advisable to get branded clothes which can survive long and looks new and clean even after a number of washes. If you are looking for branded clothes then look around, you will find a number of branded stores, outlets and wholesalers. Such renowned companies deal in unique attitude fabrication. These companies offer wardrobe range, which makes you look smart and gentle. If you are particularly looking for women urban clothes you can go to any of the company approved wholesaler.

Wholesaler concept is successful only and only when you are able to make enough order of same item. It is convenient when you are further planning to open your own retail house or shop. However, if you want to have unique collection then you can contact directly online retail shops. Online retail shops accept your order 24 hours, by browsing online catalog containing colorful images with price and sizes. You can sign up online and start shopping by paying online using your credit cards details and necessary information to get your package delivered at right address. Moreover, you will get some discount if you are shopping up to certain limit. You can visit wholesalers online or can make a face to face visit to talk about terms and conditions to start with them.

If you want to take dealership, you should directly talk to the company. In such, legal matters one should prefer to and meet the concerned person instead of visiting the website. While, both of you and organization are agreed to initiate business relations, agreement should be prepared carefully. Before taking dealership to import large quantity fixed by the corporation, you should inquire about the brand and ask about marketing of product and related marketing material. After contract, your order is shipped to you directly. In wholesaler or retailers concept, it is wise to compare the rates of different brands. In simple words, before buying any urban brand from wholesaler, you should make an estimation of cloth. Trader clothes are 60-70% cheaper then retail outlets.

Always trust genuine companies because in today’s market there are a lot of fake companies which are offering heavy discounts of these clothes or famous branded clothes at their retail outlets. When you are dealing with huge amount should be cautious about quality of wholesale cloth and recognize the brand name by logo.

Make Your Retail Store A Lot More Profit By Having An Inexpensive Consumer Item Like Wholesale Nuts

Snack items might appear to be a tiny part of a business’s profit; however, they may be a driving sales item when purchased and stocked appropriately. While small in both size and value, snacks are a common item bought throughout supermarkets from coast to coast. These items are necessary for individuals traveling and locals making a pit stop while on an outing. One very popular convenience store purchase is snack nuts for example cashews and peanuts. They are packaged within an easy to open bag. Travelers can consume them without much mess and while on the highway. Their inexpensiveness makes it easy for somebody to buy them with little additional thought. You are able to improve your stores profits by buying these items through wholesale providers. Consumer demand is met with no worry of non-moving or unprofitable stock.

Retail Packaged Nuts Are The Perfect Snack Food

You begin to get hungry while traveling along a major highway or in an unknown area. Supermarkets are often available without having to go out of your way. You walk in and find an abundance of items to select from. Candies are messy and difficult to eat while driving. The same thing goes for snack cakes and other products. Nuts are filling and can be eaten without any mess. This makes them the perfect treats for people of all ages. After buying your favorite type, you get in the car, open them, and may continue forward as your hunger is subsided through the comforting taste supplied by a great snack.

People want something fast, fulfilling, and inexpensive. Since they are your primary profit source, meeting this demand is very important for the success of the store. Local children will commonly visit convenient store after school to grab a snack. Just a little bag of snack nuts may be the perfect item. They frequently only have some amount of money and want something to get them by until dinner. It’s enough to fulfill their hunger without the price of a microwave burrito or another more expensive treat. These items are attractive to a diverse number of consumers. They’re not going to sit on the shelf forever and may provide an opportunity when purchased at a wholesale price.

Wholesale Nuts Keep Costs Down Without Having To Sacrifice An Excellent Snack Product

Wholesale products save companies money. Wholesalers make it easy for a convenience store or another kind of retail shop to purchase top quality snacks cheaper. Purchasing in bulk cuts down on the price per item. It also enables you to have enough products left for restocking. What does this do for the business? Basically, a business receives three main benefits through wholesale products. These are reduced investment cost, increased income, and a consistently stocked shelf. Since you pay less for every individual product, an acceptable price may be charged to consumers. This increased the quantity of profit your company makes from each individual product. Wholesale nuts are the ultimate product for any retail shelf. The interest in them never goes down. With the right wholesale provider, you can offer quality snack nuts to consumers without forgoing the success and profitability of your business.

Important Factors To Keep Your Wholesale Clothing Business Up And Running

Thinking of starting a business of wholesale clothing? Well before starting a big business such as this, there are several things that you should know before actually spending your capital in this business. First is a warning. According to many experts, 80% of business startups, including the business of wholesale clothing, fails at their first year. This is because of the lack of necessary experience and knowledge to run the business as well as the pool of clients to get the business up and running.

Though capital is very important in every businesses startups, it isn’t always the only important factor that keeps a business running and achieving success in the market. Any business other than wholesale clothing business requires more than just capital. So here are some of the most important things that you should posses before starting a business of wholesale clothing or any other kinds of wholesaling business.

Known as the bread-and-butter of all business, experience and knowledge are the most important part of starting a business. According to many experts, this is one of the primary reasons why businesses achieve success in their industry. Lack of experience is also the primary reason why many business start-ups fail in their first year. So where can you get the experience required in starting a business of wholesale clothing?

There are many ways that one can get the experience required to run successful wholesaling business. Special courses offer businesses related sessions to teach people of how a business is run through theories coming from books as well as experiences from other businessmen and women. However, according to many experienced business owners, the right way of gaining experience is to actually work first-hand in the business you’re planning on building up, such as in a wholesale clothing company.

Starting from small
Another tip that many experienced business owners give to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to start from small. Many of today’s successful wholesale clothing business owners started from a retail business. Though small, the knowledge that it can give to its owner can be significant in starting a big business such as a wholesale clothing business. However, from a retail business to a wholesale business may also require other factors.

Clients are very important for every business-to-business types of business. According to many experts, this is also among of the few primary reasons why businesses fail in their first year, lack of clients means lack of profit. So where can one get clients in this business?

Many experienced business owners today have cited that starting from a small business, such as a retail business, is a great avenue for meeting prospective clients, this is by building up relationships with other retail businesses other than your own. Other ways to get clients is through business conventions. These places are commonly packed with businessmen and women which can either be a prospective client or a potential partner in business.
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Key Tips to Help Make sense out of Wholesale Sourcing

Before you rush out and try to set up as many wholesale accounts as you can, it is essential that you have a grasp of a few wholesale business basics. Wholesalers are businesses authorized to distribute new products from the manufacturer and are licensed by the state in which they reside to sell to retailers without charging sales tax. The wholesaler is responsible for the warehousing of its product lines, establishing and maintaining a sales force as well as arranging shipping and handling and the various means of transportation and the tracking of orders and order fulfillment. The clients of wholesalers are retail business purchasing in bulk quantities. Although many wholesalers have single unit wholesale price, the point of a wholesale business is to sell in as large a volume as possible as that is how it makes a profit.

Because the wholesaler depends on bulk order, wholesalers often reward larger orders with greater discounts and often have levels of pricing. Each wholesaler defines its own levels; for example, quantities of 1 to 25 might sell at one price, quantities of 25 to 50 at a lower price, and quantities of 50 to 100 at a still lower price. Also, some wholesalers may allow their sales force to determine the amount of discount based on their relationship with their client. You can see that prices are flexible and your price will depend on the quantity you purchase as well as how you are valued by your sales representative.

Some wholesalers also give manufacturer rebates, and others offer three day specials, weekend specials, holiday specials where the wholesale prices are even further discounted and where the wholesaler may even offer free shipping. If you are able to buy in large volume, you can really leverage the power of these price breaks. The problem that many single person business and eBay sellers face is that they can’t afford to purchase in quantities that would allow significant price breaks. There really isn’t any mystery to low prices; the secret is generally tied to bulk purchasing.

Legitimate wholesale businesses in the United States are required to see proof of your sales tax permit, sales tax ID, or resale certificate. A sales tax permit is a document from your state department of revenue that allows you to buy products from licensed wholesalers without paying sales tax. It is understood that when you sell your products to residents of your state that you will remit the sales tax to the state treasury at quarterly tax periods. The sales tax permit is an essential document proving that you are a legitimate retail business.

Newcomers to ecommerce are often advised to be aware of “middlemen.” This is an important issue where wholesale supply is concerned. So, what are middlemen and how do you identify them? Keep in mind that you can always identify a true wholesaler because they are required by law to have proof of your sales tax permit. As you research sources of low cost products, you will find some sellers who use the word “wholesale” in their site description and say that they have wholesale prices but otherwise never directly state that they are wholesale distributors. Those sorts of businesses are usually middlemen. In other words, middlemen are retail product distributors selling at a steep discount (but not as cheaply as real wholesalers) to other retailers. This is only bad when a product supplier pretends to be a wholesaler or tries to fool you into thinking it is a wholesaler when in reality it is discount retail outfit. Remember, true wholesale distributors must have a copy of your sales tax permit on file in order to do business with you.

What does it take to set up an account with a wholesale distributor? Generally speaking, they require proof that you are a legitimate business. Minimally, they will need your sales tax permit and proof of your ability to pay. I recall one major DVD and media wholesaler wanted a $ 25,000 letter of credit. Another required that they have a credit card on file. A wholesaler may require references and proof of a business bank account. The exact requirements will vary from wholesaler to wholesaler. Many people want to know if wholesalers will deal with you if you only buy very small quantities. The answer is yes, most will, but keep in mind that as a small, online business, you are not likely to be their primary customer. When setting up an account, always remember to follow their instructions to the letter, and realize that their primary concern will be that you are a real business and meet the legal requirements for their state.

The Buying Of Household Goods Wholesale

Ask any entrepreneur for a business idea, and you will seldom hear the word retail, because many businessmen see retail as too difficult or too risky, and one of the main reasons for this is that they do not know how to source wholesale goods.

Sourcing wholesale goods is one of the major hurdles facing any prospective businessman looking to venture into the retail market. However, with the advent of the Internet, it has become easier now than ever to both source and sell products from wholesale suppliers. In practical terms, what this means is that it is now easier than ever to enter the retail market through wholesale channels.

Wholesalers are often considered to be an insider secret, and it is very rarely public knowledge. When making initial inquiries, it is almost impossible to find out who the main wholesalers are in your market, because the retailers do not want to give the game away. Supply products down the chain makes good money for everyone involved, and at end of the day the retailers are only middlemen, taking a cut from the price you pay. Why would they let you in on it? What you have to do is dig a little deeper if you want to find wholesale suppliers.

Wholesale suppliers rarely advertise in your face, and if you are wanting to buy from a wholesaler you are going to have to go through a lot of hard work finding them first. Since the Internet has become more widespread, it has, of course, hand an effect on the way we look for information, but more on that later. For the time being, the primary way in which you should source wholesalers is in business directories. Business directories and relevant trade magazines are the main haunts of wholesalers, who usually work with a stable customer base rather than trying to actively recruit new clients.

Finding them in a business listing guide is probably one of the best ways to discover the contact information, then you need to get the ball rolling on your acquisition. Another vital tool in sourcing wholesale products, is the world wide web, also known as the Internet. Every wholesaler that is worth his salts will have a web site, which is usually a very poor website, that will allow you to access their contact information, or order a brochure.

Additionally, there are one or two wholesale marketplaces where buyers and sellers can meet to exchange wholesale goods. On you get on-line, then get digging beneath the surface if you want to source wholesale goods. If you look in the right places, then you will soon find the suppliers you are looking for.

Sourcing wholesale goods has traditionally been quite a difficult process, but rewarding after you have achieved success. By sourcing the right wholesale supplier, your house hold good business can flourish through a mutual respect for each other’s needs and the desires of the end consumer. Over time, the relationship built with your wholesaler will prove to be very profitable, and provided you have chosen wisely, very successful.

Where to Buy Wholesale Brand Name Fashion

In order to secure profitable and consistent sources of quality discounted goods, it is important that one has a good grasp of how the industry works. Is is also recommended to have a local fashion broker to handle suppliers and all sourcing issues.

The term “wholesale” is here intended in a general sense meaning the purchase of fashion goods at discounted prices. In fact true wholesale technically does not really apply to the brand name fashion business, as goods are sold directly from the brand to retailers.

There are various ways to buy wholesale brand name fashion:
1)Purchase of stock, closeout and liquidations of garments from previous seasons collections.
In this case, the excess inventory is sold by the brand house directly to stock dealers in large quantities. These dealers then divide the lots and sell them to retailers or other smaller stock dealers.

These lots are the hardest to get and usually feed the top fish in the wholesale fashion business. The high minimum purchases of $ 20-30,000 keep many of the smaller buyers away though.

This type of stock applies to many casual brands (for example Diesel jeans, Replay jeans, Ck, top name suits) but rarely to top name ones such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Chloe, Ferragamo. These top brands infact tend to retail leftover stock directly through their own outlet stores.

2)Purchase of stock from end of season inventory.
At the end of each fashion season, there are wholesale dealers who go and clean up retail stores, hundreds of them at a time. All the goods end up in a warehouse from where they are sold to discount fashion retailers. This type of stock has high discount but lots are not very consistent (available styles sizes and colours are often limited and unpredictable) and item selection has do be done in person at the warehouse.

3)Buy current season or order next season collections through authorized retailers who have an account with the brand house.
Most fashion brands, do not wholesale, they only sell to retail dealers who have an account with them.

Some of the larger retailers when they place their orders to the brand, they place some for themselves and some extra to sell on the international market. These surplus orders are what you can profitably purchase at a good discount because by selling to foreign buyers the dealers can quickly recover cash flow.

Some dealers offer packing lists with photos for purchasing current season goods. To place orders for next season collections instead it is necessary to visit in person as photos are not usuallly circulated until season has begun.

4)Buy directly from the brand through your own account.
This is next to impossible for most as the allowed number of retailers is already saturated in most countries for famous brands.

It is often possible however to establish new accounts with less famous brands. This can be a great opportunity for profits and is the hottest trend in wholesale buying.

To establish an account with even any brand you are usually required to own “brick and mortar retail” space of a certain size in a good location. Few accounts for Internet retail are awarded.

It is advisable to resort to a local fashion broker to find and setup your new account with good brands. A good broker can recommend a choice of new brands suited to your local market and country.

When buying brand name fashion it is important to be guaranteed of authentic goods. A good broker is the best guarantee in this sense.

Generally speaking, good hints to fakes are: easy availability and low prices. Authentic brand name fashion are scarce and expensive. That is why when goods are authentic you will not find tons of them advertised nor huge discounts.

About “paperwork”: the only “paperwork” that exists for fashion stocks is the dealer’s purchase invoice. This is a confidential document and it is usually not sent but shown privately if requested. Beware of those advertising to send “full paperwork”; papers can be faked very easily with a computer.

To begin sourcing discount fashion it is best for you to contact a fashion broker who can save you time and money by pointing you immediately to the best source for you and help you with all the negotiation, payment and shipping, so that you, instead, can concentrate on selling!