Buying Wholesale Saves Retailers Money

Buying wholesale is the practice of purchasing goods in large quantities at a cheaper price to be sold at a retail store for a higher price. Almost anything can be purchased at a wholesale price if you purchase enough of the items. Depending on the company’s policy you may be able to purchase as little as five items and receive a wholesale price on each of the items. Then you can turn around and sell them in your retail store for a higher price to make a profit. That is what wholesale dealing and selling is all about.

Wholesale paper goods, such as envelopes of various sizes and shapes, copy machine paper, printer paper, notebook paper, colored paper, notebooks of every size shape and color, folders, flashcards and index cards, business cards, announcements and party invitations, three ring binders, note cards with matching envelopes and hanging file folders are all part of the wholesale paper goods that can be purchased through a wholesale dealer and then sold for retail prices making a profit for the retailer.

Paper companies or stationary retailers can be found both on the Internet and in the regular brick-and-mortar market place. Wholesale dealers allow these stationary and paper companies to purchase a variety of paper products and then they retailers pass the savings on to you in the form of sales so that you are enticed to purchase more because the prices are so low. It is the same thing with the retailers; they purchase more from the wholesalers because the prices are so low.

If you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding, baby shower, open house, wedding shower, christening or any other special occasion, retailers will give you a price break for purchasing several stationary items at one time. This could include the invitations and the reply cards in addition to the seals or stickers and all the envelopes. The retail stationary store can offer you this discount because they themselves received a generous discount from the wholesale dealer.

Sometimes it’s best to skip the retail store and go directly to the wholesaler if you need to purchase a lot of stationary or paper goods for something such as a business or a school or in large special occasion like a large wedding of over 500 people or grand opening of your own business in which you’d like to send out announcements to everyone in a certain demographic, then it would be prudent to go directly to the wholesaler to save money by purchasing your stationary and paper goods at a wholesale costs. You’re only cutting out the middleman which in this case would be the retailer.

Wholesale dealers make their money by purchasing the paper products direct from the factory and then passing their savings on to you by allowing you to purchase in bulk so that you can make money in the retail paper business. Wholesalers purchase in truckloads to get their deep discounts in order to become wholesale dealers of paper goods and stationary items.