Advantages of Buying Cheap Wholesale Clothing

All wish to look smart and trendy in whatever they wear. Unfortunately, not all can afford to buy fashionable and trendy branded clothes as they are priced exorbitantly. Cheap wholesale clothing is the only option to get good quality, fashionable clothes without your budget going haywire. People tend to presume that wholesale clothes are low quality clothes while this is a big misconception. People tend to associate price with quality which is where they go wrong. Just because a product is priced high does not mean that it is of good quality.

There are many factors that go in deciding the price of a product. For branded apparel, a large chunk of the cost goes in building and maintaining its brand image and value. The marketing, advertising, brand affiliations, tie-ups, promotional activities etc are some of the reasons that cause the price of the product to be premium. Secondly, being niche products, the sale is lower so the margins have to be higher. For a layman, these economics are too complicated and he would rather assume that an expensive product is a top quality product and a low priced product is low in quality.

However, manufacturers supply to wholesalers too at a much lower rate as these wholesalers buy in bulk. When you buy cheap wholesale clothing, you are buying the merchandise which was purchased by the wholesaler directly from the manufacturer. Once this product reaches the branded retail outlet, its price escalates. The key is in buying the merchandise from the wholesaler and not from the retail outlet.

Secondly, one need not always buy only branded apparels from wholesale, you can buy regular cheap wholesale clothing too as they are much cheaper than branded wholesale apparels. These are the lesser known brands which are also directly purchased from the manufacturer and sold to customers with very low margins. Wholesalers function on a different business model. Their aim is high sales with low margins. They buy in bulk and warehouse space is always a restriction. As a result they prefer selling the products at very nominal margins in order to make space for new stock. This is where the customer gains as he gets good quality apparel at very cheap rate.

The quality of this apparel is as good as any apparel bought from a retail store. It may take some time to narrow down the best wholesale suppliers as there may be some fake wholesalers too. Apart from buying cheap wholesale clothing for your personal use, you may also try starting an online business with this apparel. An online retail outlet would be lot cheaper than being a wholesaler as the investment required would be much lower. Wholesalers buy stock in bulk and store it in huge warehouses which accounts for a lot of financial backup that is not easy. It would be better to have your online retail outlet along with a tie up with reliable wholesalers for supplying the goods.

Alternatively, you may try to have an arrangement of drop shipping with the wholesaler to reduce your costs even further. In such instances, the wholesaler would deliver directly to the customer and thereby reduce the shipping cost. This saving can be used to further reduce the price and provide the lowest prices in the industry. Cheap wholesale clothing is more popular than branded wholesale clothing as they are cheaper. Higher the demand better would be the profits. If you have a few close friends who would like to venture in this with you, it would help at the time of getting finance from a bank. Strategise and plan your cheap wholesale business model carefully to get success in your venture.